Henrik Ibsen's Influence on the World of Literature Essays

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Henrik Ibsen
Every time we go to the movies, read a book, or go see a play we are extending our undivided attention away from our everyday responsibilities and duties, to allow ourselves to get lost. Granting our minds the freedom to escape everyday normality or in some instances not so normal ways of life. We do this to enjoy ourselves and indulge in something bigger. Every word spoken, every notion and impression we are left with, was composed by someone with an idea. These people are called dramatist, scenarist, writers, or in this case more particularly a playwright. A playwright; is someone who writes for the theatre. Many have existed, but what differentiates them? The good playwrights, whom have created works many have taken
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Henrik Ibsen is known as “The Father of Realism,” as well as “The Father of Modern Theatre.” Ibsen was noted for being scandalous during the 20th century. He was involved in the production of more than one-hundred and forty-five plays as a writer, producer and director. His works were divided into three distinct phases; poetic epics, realistic classics and symbolism. His works changed theatre allowing it to mature and be overall more real. He turned the public eye towards societal and political issues that one day would have needed to be addressed. His series of plays are often considered his Golden Age, when he entered the heigh of his power and influence. This helped lay the foundation for more radical explorations in the upcoming centuries. “The great secret of power is never to will to do more than you can accomplish” (Ibsen 1913). Ibsen is also called the “Father of Modern Drama,” because his extremely powerful plays concerning domestic life deals with the shocking issues of the day and continued for years to come. He focused on characters with real life conflict as well as dealing with their inner conflicts rather then basing his plays around clever plots and story lines.
Henrik Ibsen made his impact in theatre through his plays, but this was not his only accomplishment. Poetic epics did not redefine poetry in the way

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