Essay about Healthcare Crisis

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Healthcare is one of the major issues that America faces today. The health insurance companies are destroying America’s health care system by raising their premiums and deductibles. One great concern, access to health care is definitely on the decline. As of 2007, more than 75 million adults-42 percent of all adults ages 19 to 64- were either uninsured or underinsured (Commonwealth Fund Commission 9). The health care system in America needs a complete overhaul, reform. Healthcare reform is a complex issue, consisting of many aspects only healthcare professionals understand. The two primary goals healthcare reform is trying to accomplish are:
• Providing health insurance for all uninsured Americans
• Decreasing the cost of health
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Time vs. Quality of Care Everyone knows the expression time equals money. Healthcare providers must look at their practices this way if they want to stay in business. Because the payment system is based on profitability or cost savings expenses, doctors are forced to perform their duties in less time, see more patients in a given day, and look for other ways to save time so they can bill for more people and procedures in order to make the money they want or need to make. The appointment of yesterday, when you had time to explain your symptoms, listen to the doctor as he/she explained your diagnosis and/or treatment, is long gone. With the extreme turnover rates the doctors try to accomplish, you are in and out in 5 to 10 minutes, usually with limited information and the need to schedule another appointment to talk about diagnosis and/or treatments. As a result of short visits, patients never really get to know their doctors and their doctors never really get to know them. This is very important, whereas patients age their care needs to coordinate with their other medical problems.
Patient Safety Safety issues account of 90,000 or more American deaths a year (Institute of Medicine 1). Doctors needing to maximize their patient load make mistakes during appointments. They jot down drug names on a prescription pad in a hurry possibly leading to further mistakes. Pharmacists,

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