Gendered Roles and Behaviors Essay

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Gendered roles and behaviours in peacetime bare greater flexibility, however, through times of war more traditionalist conventions such as men serving as the protector and women as the caretakers are further reinforced. This essay will firstly discuss the difference between sex and gender. Secondly, it will explore these roles and behaviours during peacetime, as under more relaxed and peaceful circumstances, defined barriers of social norms and conventions apparent in wartime, are not as clear. It will then contrast feminine and masculine roles during wartime with a focus on the Bosnian War. Using the Bosnian War, this essay will exemplify that when a state is threatened by another state, a government will seek to take control of its …show more content…
While a human’s sex is categorically defined through our physical and biological aspects, gender is socially and culturally constructed. Gender is not natural, but a set of norms defined by society. While in some societies today, more than two sexes are recognised, up until the 19th century it was seen that females were an incomplete version of males (Laquer 1994). For Galen, "women have exactly the same organs as men, but in exactly the wrong places" Women are seen as less perfect versions of men, albeit still a version of them (Laqueur 1994). From this understanding, conventions and social norms have continued to grow and develop, guiding men to be the superior sex and women the inferior. The traditional gender roles for each sex is exemplified by Talcott Parsons creation of the 1955 Nuclear Family. This module highlights a traditionalist view of education and the workforce being an importance to only males, child care and housekeeping left for the women and major decision making left for the male with the wife to support him (Rodman 1965). Whilst sex comes down to the biological make up of a human, gender is constructed by society and creates rules and norms for individuals to follow.

Looking explicitly into a modernised Western society, one can examine that during peacetime traditionalist gender roles and behaviours are challenged as women

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