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This paper will cover issues that young minorities encounter in the movies; Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008), Gran Torino (2008), A Better Life (2011). Movies will be summarize, and compare and contrast youths experienced. Criminological theories shall be utilized to further elaborate issues. Finally steps and theories will be utilized towards solving issues, also possible methods to correct the issues will be addressed in the end.
Movie Summaries
Crips and Bloods: Made in America took place in south of Los Angeles focusing on gang violence among two fearsome African American gangs, Crips and Bloods. The documentary sends the viewer to the roots of the social strains of African American people that created Crips and Bloods.
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This law enforcement style demoralized and treated them African Americans as enemies in their own country. Parker's department prevented African American youths from crossing Alameda Street known also as "White Curtain" that lead to white neighborhoods. This curtain served as a social barrier which that was protected by law enforcement, this idea created a sense that dark skinned people were inferior. The unfair treatment eventually created riots throughout south Los Angeles as residents became fed up with poor living conditions they were forced to live in.
Many years after the LA riots young African American children began to mimic their parents violence. These young delinquents lacked direction and leaders in the community which their parents followed. Youths were left to their own devices which created by two rival gangs, Crips and Bloods. Guns became more readily available to gangs at a young age which increased the mortality rate. Youths began to rely heavily on gang life for protection from other opposing gangs by becoming victimizers instead of victims. Gang life is seen as suitable lifestyle to many youths raised without fathers to guide them. Mothers are forced to raise their children with absent fathers dead or in prison.
Children's antisocial behavior increases when single mothers work full time and raise children alone. Gangs, drugs, and homicides created spikes of social disorganization in south Los

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