Essay on Fuel Cell or Battery

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An increase of carbon pollution around the world has called for better options for the future of motoring. The two types of motoring options which have been developed are the hydrogen fuel cell and electric battery vehicles. Both of which provide pros and cons within the system, on the environment and cost wise.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
A hydrogen fuel cell is an electrochemical cell which directly converts the chemical energy in hydrogen and oxygen to electricity with pure water (figure 1). In general fuel cells have a similar arrangement which consists of an electrolyte and two electrodes, but there are many types of fuel cells which are classified by the kind of electrolyte used (DOE Energy Efficiency, 2006). An
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The electrons pass through an external electrical circuit as a direct power source to the form of transportation within the fuel cell. The hydrogen ions combine with the oxygen at the cathode and are recombined with the electrons to form water (Refer to Figure 1). The reactions are shown below:

Anode Reaction: 2H2 => 4H+ + 4e- Cathode Reaction: O2 + 4H+ + 4e- => 2H2O
 Overall Cell Reactions: 2H2 + O2 => 2H2O

This reaction takes place in the motor vehicle and is placed in fuel cell stack, producing oxygen by converting hydrogen gas in a compact space to power the motor. These reactions propel the vehicle to quietly, smoothly and efficiently function. Fuel cells are energy conversion devices – they convert stored energy within a fuel into usable energy. According to the National Academies of Science and the NHA's Energy Evolution Study, fuel cell vehicles can reduce light duty demand for gasoline to almost nothing by 2050 and reduce CO2 emissions by 80% (Fuel cell Markets, 2002). Electric battery vehicles
An electric powered battery vehicle is simply a battery pack- a group of car batteries no different than the one that starts your gas-powered car. These batteries act as a "gas tank" and supply the electric motor with the energy necessary to move the vehicle (Steven L, 1998). The general way that a battery works in a car is when an electronic circuit is connected to the battery, electrons

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