Essay on Freedom in America from World War I to the 1950s

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Freedom After World War I

The years following World War I were very different than the ones leading up to it. Between the years of 1920 and 1953, America was undergoing many different changes in its society. Beginning with the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, moving into the New Deal Era, and finally the wartimes, the meaning of freedom changed frequently for the people living on the American land. The boundaries of peoples' freedoms changed as well. For the better or for the worse, due to changes in the American society and ways of life, people living in America during these 33 years experienced living differently than they had lived years prior to these.

Before the 1920's, life for women was very different. Women
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This period in history was a time when Blacks showed their capabilities to the world. Black poets and novelists began revealing their talents, many ending up being published by white presses. White producers opened up opportunities to the Blacks in the theatre industry as well. Blacks also were beginning to be looked at like human begins, rather than salves to whites like they had been in the past.

Then, the Great Depression hit America and it hit it hard. It has been said that it was the greatest economic disaster known in history. About 40% of the American population lived in poverty. Businesses were unable to offer industrial freedom to their workers. The term social equality was destroyed because money was no longer being equally distributed. It was hard for Americans to express their individual freedom and enjoy their lives because there was no economic opportunity to do so. At this time, Hoover was the president and people didn't believe he was doing his job to help the American people. The idea of "Liberty of Contract" or Lassiez Faire came back into play. Hoover did not fully believe that the responsibility of the government was to support the people and offer federal aid to all those in need of it. Workers' wages were decreasing tremendously and rapidly. Hoover pushed for a tax increase but this only made things worse. American's were finding it hard to purchase things and the amount of

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