Does Utopia describe an ideal society? Essay examples

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Does Utopia describe an ideal society?

Thomas More was born in London in 1477. More had an extensive education and rose quickly through the Government hierarchy and attained high office. In May 1515 he was appointed to a delegation to help revise an Anglo-Flemish commercial treaty. During this time he began writing Utopia and completed it upon his return to London.
Utopia was first published in Latin, at Louvain in December 1516. More added Utopia just before the outbreak of the reformation, during a time when the stresses and corruption that led to the reformation were rapidly increasing towards conflict.

Utopia itself depicts what its narrator Hythloday, claimed to be an ideal society. The book became a huge success and
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For example, during More and Hythloday’s discussions, Hythloday talks about capital punishment, land reform and the distribution of property and gives his full opinions and suggestions as how these matters should be resolved, where as the character of More tends to remain silent about
Hythloday’s opinions but he does agree that some reform is needed.
More is able to use Hythloday’s character in the book to create discussions about problems that clearly need resolving, rather than use his character as a mouthpiece as More doesn’t always seem to agree with Hythloday’s views.

During these discussions and whilst Hythloday is offering resolutions to many of the problems he gives examples of places he has visited where such practices had been in place and so resolved a lot of problems they may have otherwise had. From this he then goes on to talk introduce the island of Utopia which they do not actually start until book two after they have had lunch and they are ready to listen to Hythloday’s description of the island as there is no discussion involved in book two.

Hythloday presents the island of Utopia and it’s practices to us as an island of perfection. Each of it’s cities are the same size, the houses all look the same and each city has the same number of families

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