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Death of a salesman

The Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller is a controversial play of a typical American family and their desire to live the American dream “Rather than a tragedy or failure as the play is often described. Death of a Salesman dramatizes a failure of [that] dream” (Cohn 51). The story is told through the delusional eyes and mind of Willy Loman, a traveling salesman of 34 years, whose fantasy world of lies eventually causes him to suffer an emotional breakdown. Willy’s wife, Linda, loves and supports Willy despite all his problems, and continually believes in his success and that of their no good lazy sons, Biff and Happy. The play takes place in 1942, in Willy and Linda’s home, a dilapidated shack on the outskirts of a
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Although Happy’s character can be empathized, he can not be sympathized with because in the rejection of his father, Happy sadly expresses a reaction he felt.
Happy and Biff’s disappointment do not derive from themselves, but rather their uncertainty in their father’s capability of holding a successful job. It is Willy’s lack of success in achieving his goals which hurt and destroy the Loman Family. Willy always wishes he could be rich like his brother Ben, however, false hopes harbor Willy’s fantasy instead of displaying a reality. Willy discusses the salesman Dave Singleman and how popular he was. It was when Willy saw Dave put on his green velvet slippers and sell merchandise from a telephone in a hotel room, that he realized he wanted to be a salesman. Willy liked the idea of being popular, well liked and having a lot of friends. In 1928, he promises his boys that one day he’ll have his own business and he will not have to travel anymore. Even this plan fails him and Willy still must endeavor on road trips to support his family and compensate for his lost goals. Willy proves himself a failure when he boasts to Linda how he made “$1200.00 dollars gross!” however, when Willy and Linda reconfigure their finances, they realize Willy has only made $200.00 gross. “Americans standard of living is the highest of

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