Cry Now or Cry Later? Essay

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The saying, “Laugh now cry later”, is very well known in today’s society and is use to destroy it also. This proverb is being destructively used to approve negative actions, to approve negligence on working hard for tomorrow’s future. This saying is well thought out so people can carelessly wreak their lives. Individuals take this saying into hand to excuse their absence of interest and productivity. The first time I heard this saying was towards the middle of my eighth grade year off the mouth of one of my peers. The saying “Laugh now cry later”, was use after he overheard me worrying about my overall grade in class. At the point I actually found the dictum pretty useful in my child mentality. I approved of it. Then my peers and I began …show more content…
Sadly these were my friends and then I came to realize that this form of lifestyle was not very effective.
As I was in search of opportunities in the midst of making big decisions, my friends were sitting back and saying “Laugh now cry later”, don’t stress it. I would get angry and tell them get to work don’t let your opportunities slip. This was just the beginning as they began to get older they were introduce to new things like drugs, parties, sex violent behavior and they made bad choices. Instead of saying no to drugs they said “Laugh now cry later”, they said I am going to have fun today and then worry tomorrow. They choose to have unprotected sex without the worry of disease or unwanted kids. They would ditch school and go to dangerous parties, they got in and out of bad relationships, and they would drink and drive. But most of all they disrespected their parent’s they wanted to have fun today and live by their motto.
The sad part of this was that most of my friends that once said “laugh now cry later” din’t get their tomorrow and the ones that did are really crying now. In this process some lost their lives others are in jail some got kids at and most do not have a future. They all wish they could go back and value the things they once had like their family or they desire to have that opportunity to take advantage of the education that was once granted to them.
I personally do not like the saying

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