Creationism and Evolution Taught in Schools Essay

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Creationism and Evolution taught in schools


The education of evolution and creationism in the public school system has been debatable. Charles Darwin published his conclusions of evolution in 1859. This altered the teaching of science in the public school system intensely (Armenta, 1). Several court cases have been filed against the teaching of evolution. Because of the religious conservative legislators a ban was placed on the teaching of evolution and the equal treatment of evolution and creationism or intelligent design (Armenta, 1). The court case that stirred the controversy was the Scope case of 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee. Multiple major court cases followed; Epperson, et al. v. Arkansas, McLean v. Arkansas Board
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The way textbooks are written is extremely important to the teaching evolution and creationism (Jones, 2). Creationism is considered a controversial topic, but why? There has been some belief that teaching creationism in schools violates the first amendment, but how? Public schools are not the only ones having the problem with evolution: museums have also run into roadblocks. In other counties legal battles over the teachings of evolution and intelligent design have become more frequent. The Origin of Species and Religion:

In 1874 a theologian from Princeton named Charles Hodge argued that the theory of evolution not be taught in religious colleges’ biology classes (Armenta, 1). This case is not go so far because it would violate an equal opportunity act. For the most part many people of faith are open minded and did not agree with the theory but did not object the theory being taught in the public school system (Armenta, 1). In 2013 Pew Research Center took a survey pertaining to the beliefs of Americans. Thirty-three percent of Americans believe that humans have continually existed in the form humans are currently. This is a creationist belief. Sixty percent of Americans believed that humans evolved over time. This is an evolutionist belief. Twenty-four percent of Americans believed that evolution is a “supreme being guide” (Armenta, 1).

Scope case of 1925:

The Scope case of 1925 took place in Dayton, Tennessee where a man by the name of

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