Childhood Obesity Essay

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“Obesity has become one of the major public health issues in the Western World” (Scholder 2008: 889). Due to its large quantity of mass media coverage and attention, the rise in obesity, especially the rates among children, is now considered a social problem. Childhood obesity tends to lead to adult obesity and has a negative impact on other areas of adult life including lack of self-esteem and confidence and the risk of heart disease and type II diabetes (Scholder 2008). In the last few decades there has been a greater focus on the societal conditions that may be contributing to this rise in obesity and it is also imperative that we recognize the role that social forces play in our attempt to understand this rise in obesity …show more content…
2008). With the pressures of returning to work, mothers tend to breastfeed for shorter amounts of time, bottle feed more than recommended and let their child take a bottle to bed with them, and introduce solid foods at a younger age, all of which put their children at a greater risk of being overweight (Crothers et al. 2009; Hawkins et al. 2008) Children are born predisposed to certain tastes however “they develop most of their food habits through exposure and repeated experience” (Lindsay, Sussner, Kim and Gortmaker 2006: 171). Early exposure to nutritious foods helps children develop tastes for them over the unhealthy, innutritious alternatives (Lindsay et al. 2006). It is a mother’s responsibility to create a home environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity and her responsibility to shape her children’s eating and exercise habits but when she works full or even part-time, these responsibilities go unfulfilled (Lindsay et al. 2006). Children are then influenced in other ways such as from television programs and commercials and are more likely to make poor choices when preparing or buying their own food (Scholder 2008). Skipping meals is related to a higher BMI, and since children learn their habits from their parents, when they see their mother

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