Essay about Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity continues to be a serious problem in the United States and around the world. According to Evans et al in the article Changing Perceptions of the Childhood
Obesity Epidemic, obesity is one of the primary causes of preventable death in the US, and costs billions of dollars a year in health care expenditures. Their article discussed a study in which the attitudes of adults in the United States were studied, as well as the thoughts of the participants on the best ways to reduce childhood obesity. According to MacDougall et al in the article We Have To Live in the Future, getting children to increase their levels of physical activity is the key to reducing childhood obesity. They conducted a study of 204 children living in
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Nancy Signorelli and Jessica Staples expand on the third hypothesis in their article, Television and Children’s Conceptions of Nutrition: Unhealthy Messages. They point out that the only thing children spend more time doing than they spend watching television is sleeping. Unhealthy, sugary, fatty foods are by far the most advertised product to children. They conclude that children frequently believe that the foods they see advertised on television are more nutritious than other foods, and that it is important to educate children about advertising and nutrition. I believe that the key to reducing and preventing childhood obesity lies in a two-pronged approach: getting children to engage in more physical activity and educating them about nutrition and healthy food choices to encourage them to eat a healthier diet. It is necessary to approach both types of lifestyle changes in a positive way, so that children don't view these changes as a punishment or in a negative way. Here are my recommendations for ways to help children learn to participate in physical activities and to eat a

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