Catholic Nuns: Moving Beyound the Stereotypes Essay

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Society forms opinions on groups of people based on what some of the individuals do. Groups of people are judged by others because of appearances or actions. There are different stereotypes for most types of people that are given by others without really knowing about that specific group. Society also has misconceptions because individuals do not know each other well enough or make an opinion about each other from just a few things that are known. Every culture has different beliefs which leads to people assuming things that are not true which can cause misconceptions to happen. Just because a small percentage of the whole group is doing something does not mean that the entire group is doing that same thing. Individuals should stop forming …show more content…
When some individuals do something an image or reputation is created for that specific group. Later on when others think about that specific group, what comes to mind is the reputation that the small percentage of the group created for the rest of the individuals. Even though only a small portion of people are a certain way the whole group earns the stereotype that is usually incorrect and difficult not to believe in since it is what most people think of when that specific group is mentioned.
Misconceptions are everywhere because everyone sees people differently and create an opinion of how that person is. Social media helps spread the wrong ideas about people and about what individual’s do. It is easier for people to believe in something since it is all that is talked about all over social media. The internet has allowed people to share ideas and beliefs even though in some cases those ideas are not correct or offensive to other people. As people hear something about a specific group those people will start to see the group by what the false information states. There are many who judge and criticize others because of the way those individuals live life. This happens a lot with people who have same sex marriage. These couples are judged and hated on by others just because of the person they have decided to share the rest of their life with. In The Transformation of Silence into

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