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     Cannibalism; dating earliest back to the British colonies, was saw as a form of war tactic, or a practice of religion (Arson 1). Though as a form of religion, it was a punishment tribal religions would use for the deepest sinners and atheists (Arson 1). Cannibalism was also a means for survival among slaves and peasants (Wikipedia 2). Though never really accepted as a “normal” thing in society, cannibalism is very apparent in a not so distant past (Wikipedia 2). Cannibalism is not a lawful or ethical form of practice for any religion or society.
     Cannibalism in its rarest form was once a practice of religion. Cannibalism has been detected in the early religious writings of the
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Cannibalism was only present in religion, but in more normal settings.
     Cannibalism was accounted during the years of British colonial expansion. It was common among slaves as a means of survival when faced with terrible conditions. Cannibalism was also common in the Chinese culture. Frequently written in Chinese literature was the killing and eating of human flesh. Mainly used as a war tactic and a means of gods punishing the souls who committed great atrocities. “Marvin Harris has analyzed cannibalism and other food taboos. He thinks that it was common among bands, but disappeared in the transition to states, the Aztecs being exception.” ( ). Meaning, only individual tribes and clans practice cannibalism, also called anthropophagy, now while it used to be common among larger civilizations. Used in the First Crusade, Some of the crusaders fed on the bodies of their dead opponents after the capture of the Arab town of Ma’arat. During the later stages of the march on Jerusalem, foraging parties fed on the remains of the dead bodies. Though many reasons could have caused the act of insanity, hunger, fatigue, and a sense of want to force terror on their enemies, could have made the forces act as they did. Cannibalism is also present in a more recent past.
     On October thirteenth, nineteen seventy two, an Uruguayan rugby team flew across the Andes to play a game in Chile. The plane

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