Canadian Immigration Policies Essay

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Canada's immigration policies changed many times after the end of WWII. Before WWII the immigration policies were "picky" on the people who wanted to come to Canada, but after, it was fair and equal to everyone. Canada's immigration policies changed drastically from being discriminative to being fair and equal to everyone, every country and race after WWII. This act to eliminating discrimination was successful because of; the introduction of the Point System, the introduction of New Immigration acts/policies, and finally the changes made in accepting Refugees. These action completely changed the immigration policies.

The point system which was first introduced in 1967 had played a vital role for the change in immigration
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Along with point system, sponsorship was also put into act which allowed people already living in Canada(i.e. Citizenship or PR holders) to sponsor their relatives to come to Canada. Therefore, the point system was an major step towards eliminating discrimination in the Immigration department as well as the society. And along with the point system, the new immigration policies made after WWII also was a major step toward eliminating the discrimination in Canada.

The discriminative immigration policies were replaced by new ones that were non- discriminative after WWII ended. Some of the changed or new policies and acts are: the Immigration act of 1962, the Introduction of the Green Paper, Immigration act of 1976, and the Business Immigration Program. The Immigration act of 1962 allowed any people despite of their race, colour or national origin to immigrate to Canada, but they should also have had the required skills, education or other required qualities to immigrate. Thus, this was a policy made in favour for the people with educational, technical, and professional qualifications. The introduction of the Green Paper in 1975 was opposing to the discriminative ways of immigration policies. In fact, the Green Paper had helped build the ethnic diversity of Canada; it was the starting phase of the ethnic diversity. The Green Paper was introduced because of the low birth rate and high life span of Canadians.

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