Bilingual Education in Richard Rodriguez' Aria Essay example

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Bilingual Education in Richard Rodriguez' Aria

Richard Rodriguez offers an alternate yet equally profound truth: While our heritage and culture may remain forever tied to and expressed in our native or "home" language, only through the dominant language of our country (English in most cases) can we achieve a place in society that gives us a feeling that we belong amongst everyone else. The only way we can truly become a part of our community and fit in is to dominate the current spoken language. In the United States, the dominant language is Standard English. In this excerpt from "Aria," a chapter in his autobiography entitled "Hunger of Memory": The Education of Richard Rodriguez, Rodriguez discusses public and private languages,
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In return, that demand created a place for many Arabs in the American society. Having a bilingual employee promotes equality among other great benefits that employers would like to have amongst there organization. If these skills at maintaining a strong foreign language are so important to our country the U.S. should encourage the non citizens to learn their "home language." After all, this must start at a young age to fully be given the greatest opportunity to learn every part of that language.

Promoting one to speak there native language regularly at home will also strengthen one's family bonds, culture, and pride of there heritage. We all know that it is important to "fit in", but at what cost. Richard Rodriguez say's "The voices of my parents and sister and brother. Their voices insisting: You belong here. We are family members. Related. Special to on another. Listen!"( The bonding that was taking place at this point in his autobiography entitled "Hunger of Memory" would have never been meaningful, if they were speaking in broken English to on another. The way of the Spanish culture is family oriented that we see it take place right in front of our

face. It is not uncommon to see Mexican or Cuban immigrants attempting to make a better life for them-selves even risking certain death to become American citizens. Every one has

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