Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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Even though we may not know it, GMO’s are everywhere. From the trees in a lumberyard, the pets we own, and most common, the food on our plates. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms. They have even been called “part of the fabric of American life” (Lambrecht 3). New controversies have risen up to fight these “deadly” foods. Do we really know what we are eating? Does it even matter? Biotechnologies and altering the characteristics of food have been around for many centuries. These uses were put into use to create useful products such as wine and bread and more recently to create resistant crops and antidotes in the medical field. The difference is that modern biotechnology is now associated with the modification of genes. This is not …show more content…
We do this artificially with syringes and viruses but this can occur in nature if outside DNA penetrates that cell membrane (Harvest of Fear). In nature this would be called mutation. Mutation in nature is a good process because this can generate into better characteristics of organisms getting passed on to the next generation, which is known to be natural selection.
The use of genetic engineering on organisms first came about in the 1970’s when they used bacteria to produce proteins (Borell). This was put to use right away under government supervision and there eventually were genes that were put into plants to withstand broader temperatures in the 1980’s. These were soon perfected and were approved during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and were quickly spread into the market (Mather). GMO’s have been used ever since. During the past thirty years further improvement has been made to make these foods safe for consumption. Because of this progress more and more types of these products have been more widely accepted as shown in the chart. This has been because of the immense amount of money going towards the testing’s of these products so they are safe for the market and consumption. Joseph Hotchkiss of Cornell University says how a company would not be putting these foods into the market if they weren’t safe products, “It would be a terribly dumb business move to harm consumers” (Lambrecht 83). After the introduction of genetically modified food

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