Essay on Asthma and Its Types

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What do Steve Allen, Bill Clinton, Dennis Rodman, Lindsay Lohan, Billy Joel and Ludwig Van Beethoven all have in common? They all have or had Asthma. Asthma has been part of the world for many of years and anyone can have Asthma. According to the Center for Disease Control 18.7 million adults and 7.1 million children in the United States alone suffer from Asthma. Over 3,300 people die from Asthma each year.
Asthma is also called hyperactive airway disease. It affects the airways (breathing tubes). When people have asthma attacks they have trouble breathing and sometimes they cough, wheeze or gasp for air.
There are a variety of types of Asthma. One type is allergic Asthma and it is the most common type of Asthma. About 90% of
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Some things that cause Asthma are: animal dander, chemical smells, cigarette smoke, exercise, fireplace smoke, air pollution, dust, molds, perfumes, common colds and stress. It is also possible that our diet can lead to Asthma. Many people eat much more fast and ready-made foods than they did in the past. Maybe the change in diet and lower intake of vitamins and minerals increase Asthma. Some homes could be considered too clean and then children are not exposed to so many germs. If our bodies have fewer germs to fight maybe it begins to fight normal things making Asthma more likely. If a pregnant woman smokes her child is more likely to have Asthma as well as kids whose parents smoke around them. Here are more causes of Asthma. The first one is heredity. If your parents or relatives had Asthma you may have it too. Allergies are another cause of Asthma.
Asthma affects some races more than other races. Asthma is 26% more common in African American than in Caucasian Americans. Twice as many boys as girls have Asthma until teenage years. Many children outgrow Asthma. About half of childhood cases disappear by adulthood and a small amount of adults who did not have Asthma as kids suddenly get it. Most Asthma cases that develop after the age of 40 are in women. Asthma can start from bronchitis or obesity. It is a good idea for a person who has Asthma to wear a medic alert bracelet in case

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