Allusion and Imagery in Sylvia Plath Literature Essay

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Depression and pain leads to suicide. Sylvia Plath, a modern poet, was a master of allusion and imagery. Plath dedicated her life to poetry. It is heartbreaking that we lost a talented soul at such a young age but her work will live for eternity.
Sylvia Plath was born October 27th 1932 to Otto and Aurelia Plath. She was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father, Otto, emigrated from Germany at the age of 15 and soon became a professor at Boston University. Aurelia, Plath’s mother, was also a teacher but she gave that life up once Sylvia was born. Constantakis explains how Otto Plath died from diabetes when Sylvia was only eight and how most of her poetry focuses on her relationship with her father. Plath spent most of time as a child
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Hughes and Plath remained in Boston working part-time and writing trying to earn a living. In December of 1959, they both went back to England and settled in London. Plath became pregnant with her first child and gave birth to her daughter Frieda on April 1st, 1960. Plath published her book, The Colossus in October 31st, 1960 and received favorable reviews. February 1961, Plath suffered a miscarriage and a month later had to have her appendix removed. After this, the couple purchased a home in Croton, Devon. She gave birth to her second child, Nicholas, on January 17th, 1962. In April, she composed six poems within ten days. Plath often suspected that Hughes was having an affair and later discovered that he was having an affair with Assia Gutman (Constantakis). He left Plath to be with Gutman. She wrote extensively after this with twenty-three poems in October and ten in November. Plath could not take living in Devon so she found a flat in London and moved there with her children in December. She was suffering extreme depression from her separation with Hughes and frustration from her book The Bell Jar only receiving halfhearted reviews after publication January 14th, 1963. Constantakis describes that on February 11th, 1963, Sylvia Plath sealed up the doors to her children’s room with damped towels, turned the kitchen gas oven on, and plunged her head inside the oven and ended her life. She is still

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