Essay about Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

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What happens when society’s greatest love becomes the ultimate threat? A few years ago Neil Postman wrote a preface about the media’s effects in which he suggests that Aldous Huxley’s predictions in Brave New World come to pass. Postman reiterated Huxley’s points saying that our society might eventually turn into a version of Brave New World. Some may argue that Postman’s theory is incorrect but with further consideration it is more likely to be true. In Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World features Bernard Marx who questions the aspects of the society that he lives in. His society is controlled through happiness; he attempts to change the culture but despite his efforts to rebel he fails. Thus, reinforcing Huxley’s foresight. Postman and …show more content…
If a woman becomes pregnant she becomes an immediate outcast because this technique was considered unacceptable. Since the eggs are removed from a woman there are no mothers in this society. In the beginning of Brave New World a Director is guiding some boys through the building where humans are “created”. They are discussing ways of the past that are currently dead in their culture. When the topic of family arises,
There was an uneasy silence [among the boys]. Several of the boys blushed…The Director [speaks up saying], ‘these are unpleasant facts…in those days of gross viviparous reproduction, children were brought up by their parents and not in Sate Conditioning Centers.’
This quote demonstrates that in this futuristic society there is no such a thing as a family; and parents are viewed as taboos. Whenever the topic of parenthood is brought up it is uncomfortable to talk about and is viewed as filthy habit of the past. Mustapha Mond creates the mind set that pleasure is more important than emotional attachments. As more people involve themselves in sexual activities fewer relationships are being formed. This is much like today’s society; Huxley is correct when saying, “everyone belongs to everyone”. In today’s society relationships have decreased drastically over the years. Instead of saying everyone belongs to everyone, society says “friends with benefits”. This saying means that people

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