Addictions and Substance Misuse Essay

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This essay will focus on addictions and substance misuse specifically concentrating on anabolic steroids; it will demonstrate an understanding of the psychological implications of a common presenting difficulty in a counselling or helping role. The topic will be health related and social and factual information which is relevant to the subject will be addressed. Psychological issues, symptoms and how an individual may be impacted by the health issue will be discussed plus recognised ways of working with client issues will be made aware of. Finally points, arguments and opinions will be bought forward and expressed.

In a world full of intense competition, and the desire to do better then the next guy, people will use any means necessary
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One in ten gym fanatics have confessed taking steroids to boost their training capacity and body appearance (BBC NEWS, 2002). There are numerous side affects and illnesses related to steroids.

These side effects of steroids range from mild to severe and can be gender-specific; some of the mild side effects are hair loss, acne, and breast development in men. For women growth of facial hair and deepening of the voice are common. The severe side effects are life treating such as heart attacks and liver cancer. Steroid abuse can also have an effect on behaviour. Research suggests that extreme mood swings can occur including manic-like symptoms leading to violence. Other changes in mood can also occur such as feeling depressed this depression which can be life threatening is often seen when the drugs are stopped and may contribute to the continued use of anabolic steroids (NIDA, 2009). If these dangerous drugs are used without supervision of a physician they can be very unsafe and cause mental and physical health problems which can lead to death. Figures from health clubs and GP’s surgeries show that as many as 250,000 people could be regularly taking the drug in the UK alone (Jim Reed, 2009). Adverse psychological effects exist in anabolic steroid abusers, these abusers have been known to display violent behaviour towards strangers, friends and loved ones.

Many psychological and

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