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A Clockwork Orange: Review of Book and Firm Version      In A Clockwork Orange, Alex, the narrator and the main character, tells the story of his teenage years, starting at fifteen. He begins his tale as the leader of a small gang that spends its evenings pillaging and wreaking havoc on the town until the gang mutinies and "Your Humble Narrator," as Alex refers to himself, is caught by the police. From there, Alex travels to State Jail 84F to serve 14 years, but receives an offer from "the

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The major difference between the film and the book versions of A
Clockwork Orange was the lack of theme or meaning in the film. The film easily
conveyed all aspects of the story's plot and dialogue, but was quite lacking in
the conveyance of the thoughts within Alex. It seemed that without this key
part of the book, the film was completely devoid of any merit whatsoever.
     Between the film and book versions of A Clockwork Orange, I prefer the
book infinitesimally. The whole reason Anthony Burgess wrote the book in the
first place was to convey a question of morality: is it justifiable to corrupt
the pure nature of a person for the benefit of the greater society? His epochal
query was clearly communicated within the book, but Stanley Kubrick did not even
begin to deal with this moral issue in his movie which I perceive as a shallow
and strange film which I could not enjoy, knowing that the message behind
Burgess' story was not the advocation of blatant violence, as portrayed in the
     The climactic scene in the book occurs when Alex has finished his
conditioning, and he is displayed as an example of the new technique in criminal
reform. Alex is put on stage in front of government dignitaries, where he
proves that he is incapable of committing an act of violence.
     In the book, Alex is thrust on stage,
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