A Tale of Two Cities - Suspens Essay example

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Throughout the novel A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens creates suspense and mystery to try to keep his readers interested. This technique might have worked for 19th century people with nothing better to read, but it doesn't stack up nowadays. You can paint this anyway you want but what it all comes down to is that no 20th century person with any kind of attention span wants to read a 400 page book with one dimensional characters and an unbelievable storyline. But, Dickens's original audience couldn't get enough of the novel's intricate plot filled with suspense and mystery. To get the novel this suspense and mystery, Dickens's divides his story into episodes, allows his characters to be general, and uses the theme of doubles. …show more content…
Lucie and Charles are so stereotyped and boring that Dickens's should have named them "Snore" and "Snooze." Dickens's under developed characters lets readers wonder about what they are really like and what they'll do next. Dickens's uses the theme of doubles to let his reader's minds wonder, thus creating some kind of suspense and/or mystery. It may just be my 20th century, teenage mind talking but just wondering what Darnay and Carton can do with their uncanny resemblance to each other is almost interesting. Carton loves Lucie. Carton looks exactly like Lucie's husband. Carton is drunk all the time. Just imagine what he could do while Darnay was at work...but that would be too exciting for this boring novel. That and the "proper" people of Dickens's times just wouldn't have it. The only time this resemblance comes in handy is when Carton decides that dying will make his only love happy, when in reality Lucie would be just as upset over his death as if Darnay had died. Throughout the novel, Dickens attempts to create suspense and mystery. He does this by dividing his story into parts, broadening his characters, and created possibilities with the theme of doubles. I, personally, don't think it works well combined with the unbelievable story. But, there's a reason it's a classic. It's a nice story where the bad people are bad, the good are good, and love overcomes all. In other words, a

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