A Rose for Emily: Symbolism Essays

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Tracy Lancaster
English 132
July,06 2009

In William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," the symbolism shows more about the character than is detailed by the author. Authors generally use symbolism as a way to represent the intangible qualities of the characters, places, and events in their work. Symbolism helps to indicate several things in a story. In "A Rose for Emily" Faulkner uses symbolism to define and characterize Emily Grierson. There are many symbols in this story each one has a special meaning to be determined by the reader. Therefore each time the story is read it can take on a new form, which will make this story lasts for generations to come The title "A Rose for Emily" holds a lot of symbolism in itself. When
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According to West, it is shown through the use of the words "stubborn and coquettish" (Akers148 )that we first recognize the house as a representation of Emily herself. The appearance of the house symbolizes the neglect of both itself as well as its owner. Both the house and Emily lack the love and care that is needed to flourish. As the environment around them shift into the modern times, the southern belle and her home remain deep-rooted in the old south. The house and Emily are both trapped in time. The characteristics of Miss Emily's house, just as her physical appearance, are brought about by years of neglect. For example, the house is located in what used to be a prominent neighborhood, but now the neighborhood is more modernized , but Emily's house still remains in the midst of it all untouched by the changing times. The house is now "an eyesore among eyesores" (Akers71 ). Through lack of attention the house has deteriorated from a beautiful estate, to an ugly shack. The symbolism of the decaying house parallels Emily's physical deterioration and demonstrates her mental decline. The house and Emily suffer from lack of genuine love and care. Just as the house seems to reject development and change, so does Emily. Another case of symbolism can be seen in Mrs. Emily herself, "she is a combination of idol and scapegoat for the community....she represents something in the past of the community an idea of past The town feel admiration for her, but they also

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