A Lesson Before Dying: an Unfair Treatment for Blacks Essay

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An Unfair Treatment for Blacks

Imagine being treated differently or discriminated against for having brown eyes, while everyone else has blue eyes, and even segregated or separated for being different. Do you think it would be right not to be considered human beings for not being the same as the others? Something similar happened in the United States a few decades ago. In the book of A Lesson Before Dying, by Earnest Gaines; it describes very specifically how blacks lived, and how they survived in that period of time. This book is about a black man who is sentenced to death for supposedly killing a white man and a teacher is listed to help him die with dignity. After I read the book and watched the movie, I got to a strong conclusion
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However, Jefferson is furious against his love ones as Miss Emma, and his visitors; he acts like a hog. Grant is called to come to Pichot’s house to be notified he has been granted the privilege of visiting Jefferson in jail. While Grants waits in the kitchen for hours, Mr. Pichot, as a white man, takes hours to come and see him. Again, this is another example that the book entirely explains because he wants to show Grant, regardless of how educated he is; he’s still a black man and has no power. This is an example that is found in the book and in the movie. Therefore, I think the book is better than the movie because it helps me to understand what a black person felt like, and it is more clearly and specific. The other theme is teaching. As a teacher, Grant and his students suffer for being blacks; they are less important for the school district, and are thought in a church during weekdays. For instance, they receive used books in not good conditions from white schools. The students have not enough school supplies, and are physically disrespected and inspect by Dr. Joseph, who is a white man and in charge of the schools in the district. He comes once a year, but he visits white schools at least twice a year. In the book, it clearly shows and defined all the characters, especially Grant, since he’s narrating it. Through the book we can read his thoughts and how he feels. In the contrary, the movie doesn’t show this. Meanwhile, the movie doesn’t properly address this

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