Xmgt 216 - Current Ethical Issues Essay

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When researching the “Virtual Organization” website, there were several businesses, schools, government and healthcare organizations that were very interesting. After reading the websites from a few on each tab, I have chosen Hoffman Trucking. Hoffman Trucking is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and has three HUB’s which are located in Los Angeles, St. Louis and Bayonne. When Hoffman Trucking was founded back in 1936, it was a time of the depression and they started out with only one single tractor trailer (Virtual Organizations, 2011). After the growth of internal sales and the acquisition of five carriers, Hoffman Trucking has grown to be the profitable and adaptive company it sought out to become. With current moral and ethical …show more content…
Agencies. This action could force the company to lose all rights, licenses and bonding insurances that protect the company and its employees. Also, not to mention the ethical issues of the driver and scheduler that was possibly getting monetary kickback for providing the service under the radar. Another point would be how the billing is perceived especially with the rising cost of fuel. The drivers have to log in time and mileage, so what happens when a driver is not recording the most accurate records and the company is faced with having to credit back consumers for mistakenly logged in data from a disgruntled employee. This issues rises the question of what the company will do when the accountant is checking records and how much money they have received from consumers. Do they credit it back or not say anything at all? How does this affect the company’s information to the stockholders or wages paid in bonuses to the employee’s? Morally, the owner has an obligation to his customers and employee’s. Ethically, the company cannot move forward with false documents, but can they and how will the owner justify it? Hoffman Trucking should provide a challenge in creating a hypothetical ethics program. In this program, there are ethics that should be addressed from all angles of the trucking business. From the time the company is called for a pick up

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