Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte Essay example

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In the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, nearly all the main character relished in the mistreatment of one another through various cruel tasks and plots. With each and every character using such means as a defense mechanism to cope with their own faults and mistreatments. In particular, Heathcliff, whom was far from perfect at the start but gradually worsened through mistreatment from Hindley and even Cathrine in his youth. Within years, his use of cruel methods converted from a way to defend himself, to means for driving his entire life along the road of revenge. This desire to do nothing more than destroying those who had hurt you in your life, reflected heavily upon all the characters as it resulted in the self-destruction of every character. Amongst other things, Cruelty plays a pivotal role in Wuthering Heights as the desire to hurt others drives Hindley and Catherine both directly and indirectly, which further pushes Heathcliff down a dark path he seemed destined for. From the moment Heathcliff entered the Earnshaw family dynamic as a child, he had won the affection of Mr. Earnshaw and the resentment from Hindley. For becoming replaced essentially by Heathcliff as fathers favorite, instead of mourning or falling into self-pity, he instead channeled his jealousy and hatred into tormenting Heathcliff. Thus from childhood on, Hindley 's entire relationship with his brother consisted of dishing our physical and emotional pain, “ He has been blaming our father…

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