Wuthering Heights And North And South Essay

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In two classic examples of Victorian era literature, Wuthering Heights and North and South, the theme of isolation has been particularly prevalent. Not only are the settings of each novel physically secluded, but the characters themselves have been inwardly isolated. In North & South, Margaret Hale’s father’s sudden decision to leave the Church prompted her move to the industrial North, making Margaret alone in her opinions and her way of living. Wuthering Heights, on the other hand, has an overall tone and prevailing sense of desolate loneliness and solitude, mainly in the form of Heathcliff, but also in his surroundings. Both novels’ usage of the theme of finding one’s true nature in solitude reflects the Victorian tendency to use Gothic imagery as a means of drawing attention to then-contemporary societal issues. North and South began with Margaret Hale, living in the idyll, dreamlike world of her cousin, Edith. In the midst of Edith’s elaborate wedding, Margaret wondered “But are all these quite necessary troubles” (Gaskell 13)? The conventions of Edith’s upper-class wedding confused Margaret, who already felt out of touch in her cousin’s materialistic world. This quote is one of the first showing Margaret’s feelings of displacement. Although she was knowledgeable and respected, she never felt like she truly belonged in upper-class London. Like many others, Margaret only felt truly at home in her middle-class life in the quiet, beautiful Helstone. Saying, “Oh, I can 't…

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