Wrongful Convictions : Why Do They Occur Essay

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Wrongful Convictions: Why Do They Occur
Never has a criminal justice system of the United States been fair and flawless. Ever since the American Revolution, the U.S. Constitution granted protection of freedom for innocent, and restricted the freedom for criminals. But not all criminals have been punished, and not all innocent remained free. This problem still exists in the modern days, and in some ways, it is even worse than it used to be. Wrongful convictions are causing many problems in our society other than putting innocent behind the bars or on the execution table. It also triggers distrust of the civilians in our criminal justice system and law enforcement agencies and officers. To find the ways to prevent such errors in the criminal justice system, we should recognize what contributes to convicting an innocent. Studies conducted by multiple scholars, psychologists, and other researches reveal that there are various causes of wrongful convictions, including the eyewitness misidentification, false confession and flaws in forensic science. To prevent convicting the innocent, one should understand how these causes lead to such a closure of the case. One of the reasons many innocent men can wind up behind the bars is eyewitness misidentification. Lisa Hasel and Saul Kassin have conducted a research on how eyewitnesses’ cognition can be disturbed by several factors. Theodora Zarkadi, Kimberley A. Wade and Neil Stewart have conducted experiment…

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