Writings in Accounting Essay

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The role of writing in financial field

As far as we are known, writing plays an important role in our daily life and is essential to all people from all walks of lives. Writing can prompt the fast development of the individual progress as well as their professional capacity as well. I am willing to come true this aim in the way of writing, so I do my best to interview a person, her name is Doris. We have the opportunity to pick up some techniques and significant skills in the way of giving question-- how to write in an appropriate way in some degree. Now, Doris is working in financial field. There is no doubt that we can learn some key points of how to write something in this field from her useful and important experiences.
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Michael Power stated “ In the UK, the slender guidance documents such as the “Turnbull Report” have become powerful points of reference in a reform process” (p. 12) Her major proves that she really suits for working on financial field, because she has a keen interest in analyzing financial risks and could classify different genres of risks. As for her detailed tasks, she has an agreement which is writing facilitates her most indeed. As a young member in financial field, she must pay more attention to her work and finish several kinds of genres of writing to achieve much more progress in her position. Therefore, I will talk about several principal writing genres to give the freshmen that firstly come to university with majoring in financial risk management as following.
The complexity of writing in financial risk
To start with, we should concentrate on the academic writing about financial risk frequently. There is no doubt that it is so complicated and hard to write various reports about financial risk management because there are so many classifications between risks and risks. According to Acerbi, Nordio and Sirtori “One then speaks in this case of partial VaR’s like Interest Rate VaR” (IRVaR), “Forex VaR” (FXVaR), “Equity VaR” (EQVaR), “Credit VaR” (CVaR) and so on” (p. 2), As far as we are known, financing has much dramatic change from time to time and as a result of that, new financial risks will appear, which

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