Write a Set of Instructions Explaining in Objective Terms How the Lottery Shirley Jackson Describes Should Be Conducted. Imagine You Are Setting These Steps Down in Writing for Generations of Your Fellow Townspeople to Follow.

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It is very important to pass down the formal rituals of the town to next generations. In order to pass down the ritual, the community will need a large black box to keep the folded papers together when the lottery starts, one folded paper with large black dot on, a stool to put the large black box on, and piles of stone. Remember the ritual might vary slightly from other communities, but the ritual is an important part of our society's history and its present. In our society, a lottery will be held every year, on July 27th at noon, since there are only 300 people; it is possible to finish the lottery before the late lunch. The ritual of the society is not only a tradition, but also a ritual to guarantee our success every harvesting season. …show more content…
The third stage is Lottery stage; when the lottery official had finished going over the rules of the ritual, proper swearing-in by the postmaster takes place; the official starts the recital of perfunctory tuneless chant. After all the perfunctory steps of the lottery are done, start the lottery immediately. The lottery official should read the names of the head of the families. When their family name is called, representing one's family, a head of the household approaches the black box and chooses one folded paper from the box. When every man representing each family had drawn, open the paper and check which family has won the first-round lottery. Check the number of family members of the the family that had drawn the paper with the black dot. After counting the number of the family members, make a set of ballots just for the family that had drawn the paper with the black dot (make sure every member of the family would pick one folded paper from the box, and one of the folded papers inside the box is marked with a black dot). When the lottery official had finished making new sets of ballots for the second round lottery, call each member of the family into the box, and make everyone take one folded paper from the box. Remind each family member to not open the folded paper until everyone had finished choosing the folded paper. After every

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