Working With Children And Youth Essay

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Those who work in the field of education might assume that they know all there is to know about working with children and youth. It is true that educators are trained to understand how the brain works, the details of child development, and how to orchestrate activities to so that students can master learning outcomes. In the world of education, expertise in the area of child and youth mental health and wellness is relatively new. Research in the area of mental health and wellness has shown that one of every five children suffer from mental health concerns (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2016). The Mental Health Commission of Canada (2015) reported that less than 20% of the estimated 1.2 million children and youth affected by mental illness are able to access appropriate treatment for their concerns. For these reasons, and many more, it critical that educators including principals like myself, understand the role that they can play in supporting children. To help me gain insight into this field, I asked Ms. Patricia MacAuley to share her experience working as an art therapist at East Three Elementary School in Inuvik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
In her own words, Ms. MacAuley fell into the world of child counselling in a roundabout way. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in History before completing a Bachelor of Education with a secondary focus, and then she decided to peruse a Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy with a concentration on abnormal psychology. It was during…

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