Women 's National Basketball Team Essay

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This photo consists of the Edmonton Graduates, commonly known as the Edmonton Grads. They were a women’s basketball team in the 1920’s until the mid 1940’s and they originated in Edmonton, Alberta, hence the name. This photo was taken in 1923, after the Grads won the Underwood International Trophy. The team roster of 1923 was Dorothy and Daisy Johnson, Noel Robertson, Winnie Martin, Eleanor Mountifield, Nellie Perry and Connie Smith. The head coach of the Edmonton Grads was J. Percy Page, originally a teacher at McDougall High School. This photo consists of Canada’s Women’s National Basketball Team who are the champions of FIBA 2015 Americas Women’s Championship. The tournament was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from August 9th until the 16th. This photo was taken to display the new champions of the 2015 tournament after Canada won in the finals against Cuba, the previous champions of the FIBA Americas. At the time of the photo, Canada has just received their medals and were awarded their trophy. This photo is a celebration photo, which a professional photographer would have taken for the FIBA website.
The atmosphere that both of these photos possess are fairly similar, although somewhat still different. The Edmonton Grads photo looks more sophisticated since the players were mostly likely posing for a photographer professionally. However, one could imagine the pride and accomplishment that not only themselves, but everyone who supported them is feeling. Likewise, the…

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