Women 's Life Of India Essay

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Women’s Life in India
Women in ancient India were held in high honor, but now many women’s life in India is dangerous and scary. They are often receiving ends in Indian society. They are treated and tortured at every stage. A girl child is in slavery from her early childhood. She is under unbroken watch, first by the parents then her husband and finally her own children. Not only that, she is often condemned to death even before she is born.
In ancient India the birth of a girl was lucky, and advent of Goddess of wealth, fine arts. There was no ceremony was without the presence of women. It was like no home with out women. Girls were looked after with care they were given the facilities of education. Remarriage of windows was permitted. But in the later, daughters were stared as a source of sorrow. The practice of polygamy failed the status of woman. Women in the later civilizations were not allowed to go to schools because Sending a girl to school became risky and decline in female literacy and the position of women in society. Girls began to be married off at the tender age and in certain communities the newborn girls began to be killed by the parents themselves. “Another issue that continues to be a problem in modern India is female infanticide. This killing of girl babies happens startlingly often, especially in rural areas. The structure and history of Indian culture makes people want male children more than female. As a result, hundreds or maybe even thousands of…

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