Dowry System In South Asian Society

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The bride service outlines a program where the groom can earn his bride by working for her family for a set period of time. In modern times, however, the dowry may be paying for the wedding or the exchanging of a hope chest (O 'Neil, 2010). Other places around the globe are abusing this dowry system. For example, the continuous use of the dowry system in South Asian societies reinforces the idea that women are less superior to men. The inability to pay a dowry in those countries today can result in the severe mistreatment of women. The people in these countries have coined the term “dowry death” because the recurring act of killing a bride over a dowry is so common now (Gupta, 2003). This exchanging of marital gifts functions as a stronger …show more content…
Those who practice polygamy are most likely of Mormon or Muslim faith. These religions view families as a wheel, with the man in the middle and each wife is a singular spoke outwards. This marriage type helps identify the wealthiest and most powerful men because they have the most wives. The ancient idea of the man being the sole provider is heavily shown. In the standard married household, equality between partners is stressed. However, the people of these faiths see polygamous marriage as a religious duty rather than a bond between families. There is jealousy among wives and children that compete for the man’s attention. Therefore, he must not play favorites and be able to give each wife the same lifestyle as the next. Also, there are now clear constitutional laws that regulate or ban polygamy in the United States. People see polygamy as strange and confusing, so they do not try and understand it, but banning the practice is ignorant and unconstitutional (Faucon, 2014). There is a TLC show about a polygamous family called “Sister Wives,” which is more of an insult to their community rather than a learning opportunity for outsiders. The television show is a dramatic production that is only used to overplay the differences between …show more content…
What are the chances that someone will find true love again? There are plenty of adult online dating websites and events tailored for the divorced or widowed population. Speed dating at local venues, church events, and specialized categories on popular online dating websites are some examples. However, there is a 60 percent chance that a second marriage will end in divorce. There are some ways that will increase your chances of marrying again and staying married. One of the most important things someone can do to increase the likelihood of a successful second marriage is to look back at why your first one went south. Was it just a bad match from the start or was it something else? People who suffered through a divorce need time to think about who they are and what they want in a new relationship. This brings up a good point about not rushing into a new relationship right away. Being alone is not something people enjoy and so newly divorced people have trouble with their new found alone time. Furthermore, if the rebound relationship is less than a year old the chances of a second divorce are much higher. Also, learning to minimize your compromises helps decrease the chance of divorce. For example, all the little things that did not bother you at first now become intolerable after years of living together. An important thing to remember is to

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