Women 's Contributing Role Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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University of South Dakota
Women’s Contributing Roles in Criminal Justice
People have been curious to what women bring to the table as leaders. We will focus on what makes women truly unique and great leaders. One field that could benefit greatly is the Criminal Justice System. The developments in science and society have shown us a new generation of women leaders. The promotion of women in certain fields is overwhelming, but are women actually serving their true purpose and excelling while using their skills they are gifted with? When looking at their skills, we will find that women have amazing skills needed for specific jobs where men are actually dominating.
Women’s Skills
When we look at women’s skillset we see that they are built for analytical jobs. These jobs include lawyers, engineers, personal financial advisors, and medical and health services managers (Katch, 2012). Why are women still underrepresented in these jobs or job fields? What do these women have to offer for the criminal justice system?
One quality women seem to possess is empathy. Empathy is especially great for politicians and law makers trying to satisfy their constituent’s needs. Many have thought that rational thinking, which men excel in, is better than irrational feelings that are stereotypically related to empathy (Greatergood.berkeley.edu, 2015). This is not true. Women have better analytical skills and compromising skills with colleagues of men. This leads to rational women behavior that…

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