Essay on Women in Philosophy

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Women in Philosophy To start off writing about women in philosophy let me brief out on what philosophy is basically. Philosophy something that it’s a starting line for all the questions that need answers, need critical thinking to solve or trying to solve new concepts, basically humanity’s unanswered questions. Philosophy is a natural and true response of human being’s to the mystery, curiousness, wonder and uncertainly of life. We had seen and heard many male philosophers since ancient times till now. And many of them are very successful in their field and very well recognized. But why women philosophers have not received the same notoriety as male philosophers? I always get disappointed that why there are no importance for women …show more content…
How could people do things like this? That was basically her first inquiry. The other inquiry was on the social questions. What kind on world can allow such things to happen? Can we expect redemption? So these were the question she wanted to find out and those were the questions that interested her. She was a giver to the society. She wanted to make things right doesn’t matter how long it will take or didn’t care what people might think. She felt she had a debt to pay as a survivor. The way she did that by writing moral philosophy and philosophy of history then became a way to pay her debt as s survivor who could not survive. “So in this respect my philosophy became a sacrifice but a sacrifice which I enjoyed. And this is not contradictory, I can sincerely say that my whole life became a sacrifice to pay my debt and simultaneously I enjoyed writing philosophy” (An interview with Agnes Heller). She reason behind she became an philosopher by attending one of the Lukacs lectures. She was a chemistry and physics student, but when she had attended Lukacs lecture she realized a very important thing, something that she had changed her majors and went to philosophy. It was far more important to her than the sciences she was studying but to understand the world she’s living in. “I became a philosophy student, later on a student of philosophy and Hungarian literature. I decided that this was my fate and chose myself as a Philosopher at that point” (An interview

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