Women During The Victorian Era Essay

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Women during the Victorian era lived in the private sphere of the world. In Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”, Louise Mallard has a strong desire for freedom that she nearly receives, but ironically portrays into a tragedy disguised as a blessing. The desire for freedom has appeared throughout women within the late nineteenth century, which Kate Chopin experienced from a young age and becomes the voice for gender equality.
To marry, run a household, raise children and be a perfect companion to the husband, are only some of the many roles a woman in the late nineteenth century had to fulfill. Marriage has different perspectives within the variety of regions. For example, Tiffany K. Wayne writes, “ Southern White women tended to marry earlier than their Northern counterparts, becoming brides usually by age 20 compared to Northern women who began, in the nineteenth century, to delay marriage into their early to mid-20s” (4). For economic purposes and financial stability, women would typically marry men for convenience and not for love. Women were expected to be responsible in order to be a wife, mother, housekeeper and work on the fields if needed. Divorce was a possible alternative, but many would not pursue a divorce due to it regularly ending in a bigger loss for the woman. Once divorced, the woman had no rights to any property and the men were more likely granted the children, therefore the woman would be left out to defend and re-invent herself to regain if possible…

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