Women During Ancient China And Japan Essay

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What’s it like to be a woman growing up in Ancient China and Japan? How were women treated in Ancient China and Japan? Women in Ancient China and Japan both had arranged marriages, but their lifestyles and privileges are contrasting. During both Ancient China and Japan marriages were arranged. During Ancient China, once a woman was married, she would live with her husband and was required to obey members of his family, especially his mother (“Daily Life of Women”). During Ancient Japan, the common marriage system was called “Muko-iri,” where the bridegroom would live with his bride’s family and offer his labor for a certain amount of time (“Women in Ancient Japan”). According to the article “Women in Ancient Japan,” Japanese women couldn’t marry for love and the only reason for having an affair was for the sake of their children. Divorce was uncommon, but when it occurred huge amounts of debt had to be paid out by the ex-husband’s family (“Women in Ancient Japan”). As claimed by the article “Daily Life of Women,” Ancient Chinese women were subservient to men. Before marriage, she answered to her father and after marriage, she answered to her husband (“Daily”). According to Confucius, a woman’s duty was to look after her husband, sons, and other men in her life (“Daily”). They had two important roles: being a mother and mother-in-law. They were often respected by their families as the oldest living member, especially if they survived their husbands (“Daily”). As stated…

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