Essay about Women And Women Of Ancient China

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As a whole, ancient Chinese society was a patriarchy. Whilst patriarchal systems are particularly detrimental to women, they ensnare men and women alike. Thus, both men and women of ancient China developed methods of social advancement within the confines of their assigned gender roles to try to ensure a stable future. These methods of upward mobility were the exam system and footbinding respectively. Men had the expectation of familial honor thrust upon them, and women were handed the card of objectification on the marriage market. In a modern Western standpoint, the methods of mobility utilized by women are considered barbaric, but during this time in Chinese history, it was the only option to achieve success. And although footbinding was instituted as a result of a patriarchal system, participating in it was the only way for women to somewhat control their own destinies. In fact, the socio-economic fabric of Chinese culture depended on the acceptance of such practices. If women did not succumb to the demands of the inner quarters of Chinese society, then the male outer quarters would fall apart and vice versa. The burdens of both societal pressures were tremendous, but on a personal level, refusal to comply was not an option. The future of oneself, one’s family, and one’s future children rested upon the acceptance or at least the toleration of the confines of one’s gender. Trapped within opposing realms of life, men and women subjected themselves to gruelling…

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