Women And Other Schools Of Buddhism Essay

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“…The socially constructed limitations and sufferings of women led to the belief that women were inherently spiritually inferior to men “(Appleton, 2011) Women being lesser in Buddhism is a theme across almost all schools of Buddhism. In my studies I have come to the same conclusion that most others have, that women are definitely seen as lesser in Buddhist institutions but that the spirit of Buddhism is not sexist. Throughout many different countries and different schools of Buddhism women are seen in some form or another as lesser or there to serve. They are seen as a lesser even in the teachings of certain schools unable to do many things just for the fact that they are women. For some it may seem strange but to others it is just culture and they are fine with the way things are currently.
When looking at different ways of doing things you have to consider the culture of the people practicing the religion being studied. You cannot approach this religion with a Eurocentric point of view, if you do it will impose your own beliefs on it thus corrupting any findings you make. This can be seen in Tibet with the issue pertaining to bhihuni ordination (or gelongma) for nuns. In Tibetan Buddhism only male monks can receive full ordination while nuns can only ever remain novices. In a conference in 2007 the dichotomy between East and Western belief is seen clearly. Most, if not all, Tibetan nuns do not want gelongma and see no gender discrimination in the fact that they…

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