Wizard of Oz Essay examples

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The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz is a classic American film interpreted from L. Frank Baum’s book published in 1900. We have all seen the film as a child and enjoy it equally as adults. It is a film we watch repeatedly to experience the wonders of our imaginations. There are many key elements that have made this film a notorious childhood memory as well as an American classic that we have treasured for generations. How could we forget the magical characters, the music, and the outstanding cinematography? The theme of the film can be summed up simply from one of the many notable phrases, “there’s no place like home”. Dorothy, a Kansas farm girl dreams of a better place and life. During a tornado she is struck …show more content…
Director Victor Fleming did not direct all of The Wizard of Oz. In the last few weeks of shooting, he was pulled off the movie to direct Gone with the Wind. King Vidor was brought in to finish up and it was he who directed all of the entire opening black and white segment. But yet Fleming was given sole credit.
A part of the directors role is to create the mise-en-scene. These elements include the setting, lighting, costume and placement of actors. Fleming did a great job of creating scenes of place, time and narrative. Two other important elements in any movie are props and special effects. Both of which were necessary in the storytelling of Dorothy’s adventure. Every prop is carefully placed within a scene to give meaning to the story line and what is occurring in the scene. Special effects in the 30's certainly were not as we see them today in filmmaking. Had this been filmed today, it would have used computer generated imagery rather than the use of painted sets. The wizard of Oz was commended in their use of special effects. After all, who can forget the dreary, terrifying feeling that overcame us when the tornado hit? How many of us are still frightened by the sight of the flying monkeys or the melting of the wicked witch? The person that really caught the eye of the film industry was cinematographer Harold Rosson. His ingenious use of color, special effects and

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