Wizard of Oz Cinema Essay example

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Wizard of oz Film As A Work Of Art According to Film Art, it consists of “setting, costume and makeup, lighting, and staging” (Bordwell 115). In “The Wizard of OZ” these aspects of Mise-en-Scene all come together to make up a spectacular viewing experience. Created in 1939 and directed by Victor Fleming, “The Wizard of Oz” was one of the first successful Technicolor films. Since this film was shot primarily in color, it gave the directors and costume designers many new opportunities to use color in ways that they hadn’t been able to before. The main point I will be demonstrating is how the filmmakers effectively used color and costuming to convey certain feelings and messages throughout the film. The opening scene of ‘Oz’ was …show more content…
That is until the Wicked Witch of the West shows up. She appears in all black robes with a sick green face and hands. Her wardrobe is stereotypical of a witch and instills a feeling of fear and uneasiness. The last bit of color we see from her is when she vanishes in a puff of red smoke that symbolizes her evil. As the film progresses, Dorothy and the Scarecrow find the Tin Man. The color of his costume closely resembles that of the trees that surround him. Because of color, the director was able to use this affinity to express the length of time that the Tin Man was there. The message that came across from seeing Tin Man among the trees was that he had been there so long, it was like he was part of the trees. The Tin Man later said how long he had been there for, but the visual was still very nice. The filmmakers who worked on the “Wizard of Oz” did an excellent job using color and costuming in the film to effectively convey certain messages, especially those of danger and evil. Most of the film was colorful and happy, but when danger was lurking, the audience was made well aware of it with dark colors and costuming. Though the main point of this film was “There’s no place like home”, the setting of Oz is far more engaging than the doldrums of Kansas. As far as color, excitement, and entertainment go, there’s no place like The Land of Oz! It was photographed in a little-used

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