Wire Hangers : Hollywood 's Version Of Mental Illness Essay

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“Wire Hangers”: Hollywood’s Version of Mental Illness
The air of the bedroom has gone as still as the breath of the child cowering in her bed. A figure, her mother, stares hauntingly into her closet as a maddening inhuman shriek claws its way out of her throat. She turns toward her daughter, wearing a grimace of seemingly inhuman nature, and screeches “No. Wire. Hangers!!” Spittle forming at the corner of her snarl, cold eyes wide and unblinking, and veins protruding from every vessel in her neck, her rampage begins. Grasping fistfuls of dresses in her hand as she rips them from the closet rack, her wild anger seems to come unhinged. Her estranged chant “What’s wire hangers doing in this closet?!?!” becomes the fuel to her madness as every article of clothing is torn from the closet and strewn across the room or used as a weapon to pelt her daughter. Before the last dress can flutter to the carpet, the deranged mother commands her daughter to the floor. Wire hanger in hand, she strikes down with full force and the hanger connects with her young daughter’s frail body. A resounding thump repeats until the mother is satisfied.
This scene paints a colorful portrait of a truly mentally disturbed mother; a mother who is violent and unpredictable. Her eyes are blank and seemingly emotionless, even while her entire body is seething with fury, showing an incredibly unbalanced range of emotion that cannot be controlled. Teeth clenched and bared, she is made to resemble an angry…

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