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Perennial allergies result from airborne substances that are present all-year-round such as house dust. This causes congestion, an itchy nose that may also run, and itchy mouth and throat. House dust may contain mould and fungal spores, fibres of fabric, animal dander, dust mites, and bits of insects. Cockroach particles are often the cause of allergic reactions. Because more time is spent indoors during cold times of the year, allergic reactions are likely to be more severe in the winter. Perennial allergies usually cause allergic rhinitis symptoms but rarely allergic conjunctivitis. Allergic conjunctivitis may develop due to substances being introduced into the eye, such as eye drops or cream used to treat eye
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Watch for signs of increasing distress, or escalation of symptoms 5. If the symptoms persist or worsen get medical help. The person may be carrying antihistamines, or an epi-pen – a self-injecting syringe of epinephrine, help them touse it. Unless you are qualified to do so, do not do it for them, only help For severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis): 1. Check the person’s airway, breathing and circulation (ABC of basic first aid). If their voice is hoarse, or they can only speak in whispers, this shows possible swelling of the throat 2. Call 999, give details of symptoms, say the person has allergies and may be going into anaphylactic shock 3. Calm and reassure the person 4. If the reaction is to a bee sting, remove the sting by scrapping it out with a finger nail or the edge of a plastic care. Don’t use tweezers – it may break off, or squeeze it – this releases more venom 5. If the person has any allergy medication with them help them to inject it. If it is oral medication they should not take it if they are having difficulty swallowing. Unless you are qualified to do so, do not do it for them, only help 6. Have the person lie flat, raise the persons feet about 12 inches above their head and cover them with a coat or blanket. This is to try to prevent the person going into shock before the medical help arrives * Do not assume that any allergy medication the person is carrying will provide complete protection * Do

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