Essay on William Shakespeare 's The Tempest

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From reading the play The Tempest, the readers are able to get a glimpse of Prospero’s power in the play. As the play progresses, you can notice Prospero’s anger after finding the people who betrayed him and his flesh and blood brother that stole his dukedom. The very person who led to Prospero fleeing with his daughter to an unknown island. Which made Prosper stronger as a person and as a magician. When the time came Prospero had everyone under his dominion, all the other characters such as Ferdinand, Alonso, Antonio and Caliban ended up being manipulated by Prospero for his plan to become the Duke of Milan once more.

During the very start of the play, when the ship was being wrecked by the thunder and waves, Prospero was with his daughter Miranda, a innocent young girl, who knows nothing about the real world as she is worried about the passengers in the ship. Prospero calms his daughter down by telling her that he did not hurt a single person on the ship, saying “be collected. No more amazement. Tell your piteous heart There’s no harm done” (1.2.15). The fact of the matter was, all the destruction was caused by a spirit called Ariel, a spirit servant to Prospero who under the orders of Prospero himself wrecked the ship.Prospero didn 't hurt a single passenger in the ship, for he had a use of everyone to regain his dukedom. Throughout the play you can see that Prospero was very much in control of the situation. For instance, Prospero tells his spirit Ariel…

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