William Shakespeare 's The Night Thoreau Essay

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In the play The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail there is a lot of examples of transcendentalism. One of which is said by Henry’s mother, “He keeps casting conformity behind him!” (Lawrence and Lee 6). Henry’s mother is asking him how he learned his alphabet and he questions her asking if the alphabet has to begin with ‘A’. Henry would rather the alphabet start with “Z” or any other letter besides “A”. Henry is listening to Emerson speak and is very enthralled by his speech. His brother John and mother talk about that since Henry puts conformity behind him that something is wrong with him. The philosophy revealed is don 't change yourself for what society wants even if they think you’re wrong. From this quote I learned that be who you want to be not society, even if they say you and your ideas are wrong; don’t stop being who you are. I agree with this philosophy because it is protecting a natural right of a human being. Also it is what should be done in society. The point I’m making is that conformism is bad and in society so far a lot of the conformists want people to have the same faith, women who are “perfectly sized” are a size zero or smaller if goes that far, those are models, that has led to girl thinking they are fat and that they need to stop eating. Guys are Moore-Runck 2 supposed to be muscular, smart, and good looking. This is all based on what society thinks a perfect person is like. The people who try to conform to this can greatly hurt their health, self…

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