William Shakespeare 's ' The Dumb Show ' Essay

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Scene #1 - 3.2.85-140 This scene is, overall, fairly meta. In the original play, the dumb show is simply a “play within a play”, but in this adaptation, Hamlet is actually shown filming the play with a video camera, which is not only one of the few elements in the scene that indicates that it has a modern-day setting but also sort of makes the scene a “movie within a movie adaptation” at some points. In addition to this, after Hamlet turns down the Queen’s request to “sit by [her]”, Polonius appears to look directly into the camera while saying “oho, do you mark that?” (3.2.101-104) This establishes the idea that he is asking the audience this question, instead of asking the King, as the stage directions indicate. Many of Hamlet’s actions are also not found within the stage directions - they seem almost improvised at times, which adds to the erratic tone of his behavior and interaction with others. One moment where this tone was prominent was when he whistled along with the orchestral “flourish” as the King and Queen, as well as many other characters, entered to watch the play. This is a fairly universal sign of boredom and impatience conveyed through body language, allowing for a characteristic action while making the moment more interesting, even comical - the entrance would have felt a lot longer and duller without the intermittent camera “cuts” between Hamlet and the characters entering. Overall, Hamlet is rather manic in this scene, although much of his activity…

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