William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay example

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Shakespeare 's 'Romeo and Juliet ', an amalgamation of both comedy and tragedy exposes both the harsh conflict and symbiosis of the engrained feud between Montagues and Capulets in 12th Century Verona. Through a compression of time, Shakespeare seeks to amplify both the dramatic urgency and desire, particularly experienced by Romeo and Juliet and acknowledge the importance of respecting our foes through the linguistic mirroring of the Montagues and Capulets and the intertwining of both comedy and tragedy, symbolic of the uncontrollable fate and melancholy conclusion to the play. The human construct of the dichotomy of enemy and ally, child and adult, love and war, and other Petrarchan images, “one fire burns out another’s anguish”, suggesting symbiosis is eventually achieved amongst conflict. Through structural blending of genre and poetry and prose, mirrored in the amalgamation of families, Shakespeare advocates that “’tis not hard… to keep the peace”. Such similarities can be noted through both Paris and Capulet’s and Romeo’s use of Petrarchan imagery, “Earth- treading stars that make dark heaven light” parallels Romeo’s literary and clichéd “tears to fire… all seeing sun” in which images of “fair[ness]” and “light” emulate an intangible and romanticised woman, notable since Juliet’s power to “consent” begins to be minimised in this scene. This scene introduces the beginnings of conflict, beginning with the comic commentary provided by the Serving- Man, “the shoemaker…

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