William Shakespeare 's Poem, But No One Can Top The Sonnets By The Litterature Artist

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I have not been exposed to many poems throughout my short time of living. Many poems that I have encountered are second only to the art of sonnet writing by the famous William Shakespeare. I have been exposed to several forms of sonnet writing, but no one can top the sonnets by the litterature artist, William Shakespeare. William wrote many sonnets in his lifetime, all of which contain great message about perspectives on life. Whether it be love, criticism or comedy, there are items that have changed my outlook on certain things. There are certain rules and regulations that are necessary to properly compose a sonnet and with limited amount of writing William Shakespeare does wonders.
To begin, there are many things that need to be addressed that are needed for a sonnet to be considered a sonnet. Two forms of a sonnets exist, one being the way they are written by Shakespeare. The rhyme scheme is ab-ab-cd-cd-ef-ef-gg - the "gg” is the couplet of the poem, and usually has a defining feature about it. This means that line “a” and line “b” will rhyme with the next lines that follow that are entitled “a” and “b”. Only the last word in the line is what has to rhyme with its accumulating letter. Next, they are formed with a sequence of a beat called Iambic pentameter. This beat gives the sonnet a clear distinction apart from a regular poem. The beat of Iambic pentameter is “ba-bum, ba-bum- ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum,” every line in composed of this sequence of rhythm. Also each line…

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